Since 1920, Anker Schroder has been synonymous with reliability and safety in producing heavy anchoring and tie bars. Today, the pioneering company with market leader position in tension bar and upset forging technology is managed by 4th generation by Mr. Daniel Schroeder. Together, they have formed a team with many years of tie bar and forging experience between them the team consists of

  • 100 qualified workers and employees in the production of tie bars and shackles.
  • A senior management team with extensive experience with tie bars & shackles from design to production
  • Versatile modern production equipment allows the production of long tie bars up to 27m
  • A large volume of tension bar raw material stock Independent QA department reporting directly to the MD
  • Certification by all-important inspection authorities for tie bars, shackles, and shafts
  • Certification for fabrication to EN1090-2 and CE marking of construction products
  • Approval for qualified welding. Certificate of approval by LRQA ISO 9001:2015
  • Certified energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011

A new storage facility with an extended rail siding track has been added to the main factory, improving the transfer of highly long tension bars. This allows even long tie bars to be delivered to global construction sites by road (and sea) and rail at competitive costs. The worldwide use of our products (anchorages, tie rods, tension bars, shackles, flange shafts, T-head bolts) proves our capability of fabricating products that meet our customers' demanding requirements and underlines our constant success.

Case Studies

A-44 Albolote - Santa Fe – Granada, Spain

Anker Schroeder supplied to its Partner VSL Spain 54 number ASDO540 tie-rod systems for the viaduct over the Genil River in Granada, Spain. The innovative three tied-arch bridge is part of the new A-44 Sierra Nevada Motorway built by Grupo Copisa and Construcciones Vera and will contribute to easing traffic flow on the heavily congested Granada ring-road. An interesting video can be seen here.

Bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo, Belgium

Architects Zwarts & Jansma’s design for the bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo has created an elegant bridge that is instantly recognisable. With its single arch along the middle axis of the bridge cyclists pass effortlessly on both side of the 20 metre high arch 140 metres from one side of the canal to the other. The bridge is deceptive with its slim ASDO tie rods hanging from the slender arch supporting the deck effortlessly. Anker Schroeder supplied 40 number ASDO540-S tie-rod system ranging from M 52 to M85. All tie rod systems were hot-dip galvanized and painted according to customer specifications.

London Canon Place, UK

ASDO540-S tie bars were used as the tension elements in the trusses to form part of this unique and structurally demanding London office building at Cannon Place

Madrid District Heating, Spain

ASDO540-S tie bars are used as hangers XXXX in Madrid District Heating, Spain

Manchester City Football Club, UK

ASDO540-S tie bars were specified for the addition third tier to the South stand at the Etihad Sadium. The third tier increases the capacity of the Manchester City Football Club, UK ground to approximately 61.000.

Schnettkerbrücke, Dortmund

ASDO trapezoidal hangers were used for a bridge over the A40 Emschertal motorway near Dortmund. The hangers have a diameter of 220 mm and ends were forged to trapezoidal spade ends with a width of 585mm. The shape of the spade end allows the hangers to be site welded to the main structure with full penetration welds to provide a fatigue resistant design.

Shoreditch Bridge, UK

ASDO540-S tie bars are used as hangers on this East London Line railway bridge in Shoreditch.

Wolverhampton Football Club, UK

ASDO540-S tie bars were specified for the new stand at Wolverhampton Football Club in the UK as the only system available to support the high loads and be capable of in-situ stressing.

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