Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are engineered systems designed to mechanically attach structures to the ground, thus permitting load transmission into a competent stratum. The shear strength of the surrounding ground is what these anchorages resist in terms of tensile forces. In modern construction techniques, ground anchors are the tools for their various uses, such as retaining wall tie-backs, resistance against structure overturning, and reduction in structural settlement. Ground anchors are used in retaining walls, dams, wharves, bridges, and other structures to render effective restraint and stability.

We are associated with SAS Asia ( a subsidiary arm of SAH, Germany), the pioneers in this segment with a global project footprint.

  • Principal company

    SAS, Germany

  • Features

    High Tensile Steel, Microalloy Bars, Ground Engineering, Soil Stabilisation, Soil Nailing

  • Usages

    Tunnels, Caverns, Retaining Ground Structures


Foundation Anchors

Ground Anchors


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