Shackles refer to a U-shaped fastening device secured by a bolt or pin through holes at the end of the two arms or a cable or anchor chain length. In marine, industrial, or construction use, shackles are hard-wearing, durable, and corrosion-resistant, with various patterns and sizes. We are associated with ASDO, Germany, for the DNV-certified heavy-duty shackles, with offerings from SWL of 85 MT to 1500 MT.

  • Principal company

    Anker Schroeder, Germany

  • Features

    Heavy Lifting, Indsutrial Lifting, Mooring, Certified by DNV till 1500 MT, Forged Steel

  • Usages

    Heavy Lifting, Offshore, Mooring


Heavy Lifting

Mooring Anchors

Rigging Anchors

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