Marine Anchors

Marine Anchors Or Tie Rods are used in structures like Jetties, Berthwaters, and Quays. These tie-backs act as deadman anchors during the structure's service life, typically 50 years or more. We are proud to associate with Anker Schroeder, Dortmund (ASDO), Germany, the Inventor, pioneer, and global leader in Deadman Anchors for Marine Structures technology. Founded in 1920 as a family-owned engineering company, ASDO has a footprint in over 90 countries for project references, including India.

With the upset end forging capabilities ASDO are the most techno-commercially fit engineering partners for the scope of Deadman anchors. With over a century of experience in engineering, innovation, and advancement, Coupled with the versatile range of anchorages & connectors enables any option executable be it with Steel Piles or Concrete Diaphragms. With the default standards followed in line with EN-1993-5 and other relevant codal provisions for the offshore industry, technical superiority is the most advanced to offer.

  • Principal company

    Anker Schroeder, Germany

  • Features

    Inventor of Technology, Micro alloy Bars, Compatible with Arcelor Mittal Sheet Pile Sections, Compliant with Eurocode 3 (EC-3 1993), 100+ years of Steel Engineering.

  • Usages 

    Ports, Harbours, Breakwaters, Berths and other Marine Structures.


Anchor Bars For Marine Structures

Deadman Anchors

Tie-Backs For Diaphragm Wall

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