Post Tension Bars

Bolin's Indigenous range of Post tension bars have been used widely in Precast Segmental Construction for Elevated Transport Structures. With Cumulative coverage of more than 1500+ Kms already, Bolin PT bars create a positive impact on the overall delivery of Segmental construction in India and the Fine threads are ideal for permanent and low-tolerance temporary and permanent applications.

With the capability to offer local production backed by Anker Schroeder's Quality Control Systems, we are committed to serve the Indian Market with minimal lead time and optimised delivered cost.

  • Principal Company


  • Features

    High Tensile Steel, Microalloy Bars, Pre-stressed Concrete, Coarse Threaded, Temporary Applications

  • Usages

    Bridges and Elevated Transport Strcutures


Lifting and Launching of Pre-cast Segments

Yard Stressing

Segment Stitching

Stub Connector

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