Pile Head Millers

In construction projects where the foundations are pile-based, the pile head must be milled from the top to install a pile cap. This must be done while protecting the reinforcement and maintaining the structural integrity. A normal breaker has challenges regarding quality, time, and demolition costs. With the next-generation technology of Brextor®, we can solve this problem positively, impacting Quality, Speed, and Overall delivered cost of the work.

A pile-head miller is a machine that cuts and removes high and low, inconsistent concrete piles in high-speed railways, highways, construction site pillars, and other structures. It is an excellent tool for milling the base in just a few minutes, which is required for an optimal connection of the piles to the base plate, causing uncontrolled damage. This method becomes a qualified and safe one for breaking piles, maximizing the service life of the construction, and eliminating cracks, subsidence, or loss of structural stability. It is also an economical way to break piles since the demolition material can be reused directly in the construction site, and it requires less working space than the conventional mining methods. The pile-breaking process occurs relatively faster using the pile-head miller, with a daily output capability of up to 16 piles. This process is friendly to the environment since it doesn't require excavation, transport, landfill fees, or material replacement, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

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    BRC.SWISS, Switzerland

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    Inventor of Technology, Patented Technology, Economic, Faster, Sustainable.

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    Pile Structures.

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Pile Head Milling

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