High Strength Bolts

High-strength bolts are made of high-strength or tempered alloy steel and are used where extremely high tensile strength is needed, such as bridges, rails, and high-pressure equipment. They are tightened or released by applying torque to a nut and are commonly used in structural bolting. The tensile materials used in these bolts tend to increase their strength by 25% to 50%. We manufacture the material from Property Class 3.6 to 12.9 with lengths up to 4 meters. The relevant accessories are also designed, manufactured, and supplied.

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  • Features

    High Tensile Steel, Microalloy Bars, Pre-stressed Concrete, Fine Threaded, Permanent Applications

  • Usages 

    Wind Mills, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Machine Foundations


Splicing Bolts

Wind Mill Foundation Bolts

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