Splicing Couplers

The splicing couplers mentioned herein are mechanical devices used to connect concrete reinforcing bars. These couplers provide a parallel thread mechanical splicing system for connecting reinforcing bars, ensuring structural integrity and load transfer between bars without additional rebar or welding. They are helpful because they maintain the continuity of the load path, create full strength against both tension and compression stresses, and remove the possibility of errors resulting from misjudgment of lap lengths. Splicing couplers is essential in the modern construction scenario, given the purpose of providing continuity of reinforcement and stability to structures like bridges, dams, and buildings.

In the 1980s, our principals at Bartec Company developed an innovative solution for threaded sleeves, which can be engaged with the externally threaded reinforcement bar. This solution started to replace the lapping of bars, which saved a lot of steel and made the project Progress Faster, Execution Easier, Measurements error-free, and a lot of savings on the structure's dead load.

  • Principal company

    Bartec Company, France

  • Features

    Inventor of Technology, Threaded Couplers, Re-bar Splicing, Steel Saving, 40+ years of Engineering

  • Usages

    Bridges, Elevated Transport Structures, Tunnels, Caverns, Piles, High Rise

The construction industry has long needed this technology. Bartec Company, the original inventors of splicing coupler technology, started to appoint licensees during the 1990s in various regions of the world, and soon, the standard threaded coupler became synonymous with Bartec. With time, they also developed next-generation advanced solutions, which are now prevalent in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

To support the construction industry in India, Bartec Company, France, has joined hands with Bolin for their Pi-Coupler offerings, the most advanced splicing coupler globally. With the mantra of “European Technology, make in India,” we are poised to participate in India's exciting infrastructure journey.


Rebar Splicing

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